As hundreds of DV filmmakers the world over have already learned, making a short film in one weekend can be terrifying.

Lack of sleep is just the beginning of your problems when you are trying to corral actors into repeating their performance with more energy at 5 in the morning and you know you have only got another 6 hours to get a final edit of your masterpiece put together. Well, start brewing your coffee now, because the people who brought you Vancouver’s CINEMUERTE FILM FESTIVAL (1999-2005) are getting set to bring you the 8th annual BloodShots 48-Hour Horror Filmmaking Contest – 25 Teams of filmmakers all fighting against the clock to make the best horror film they possibly can. There will be celebrity judges, fabulous prizes and several tons of fake blood!

The 2011 contest is open to entrants throughout British Columbia.

About the founder:
My name is Kier-La Janisse, I created and programmed the CineMuerte Film Festival in Vancouver from 1999-2005, and I run a small microcinema in Montreal called BLUE SUNSHINE – with former Bloodshots alumnus Dave Bertrand! I have over a decade of genre programming experience, having founded and programmed the CineMuerte Horror Film Festival in Vancouver (1999-2005) and the Criminal Cinema (RIP), being a programmer for Austin’s Fantastic Fest as well as the world-famous Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. I also write semi-regularly for genre mags like Rue Morgue and Fango and have written a couple of genre-related books.

I started BLOODSHOTS in 2004 with the Alamo Drafthouse – they ran the one in Austin, I ran the one in Vancouver, and we would compete against eachother. Eventually we decided to officially have two separate contests – Bloodshots USA and Bloodshots Canada. Since 2006 I have been partnered with the Celluloid Social Club to present this contest and screening in Vancouver. Being in another province I couldn’t possibly do it without Paul Armstrong’s help, as well as the frequent assistance of my pal Ashley Fester.

About The Celluloid Social Club:

The goal of The Celluloid Social Club is to provide a forum for filmmakers to share their completed films with an audience and through Q&A and a social setting gain feedback on their work. It also gives audience members an opportunity to view films that they might not otherwise be able to see as well as interact with the filmmakers. The event is also an opportunity to network and possibly find cast, crew and collaborators for upcoming productions. The event is also a location for leading filmmakers visiting Vancouver to share their films and experience with a local audience.