Hi everyone – I know those of you who were at the screening on the 27th are aware of the jury results, but here they are along with the Audience choice winners! Three films will be sent to the Grand Prize Judge Larry Fessenden: The Jury Winner for Best Film, The Audience Choice Winner for Best Film (online) and the Audience Choice Winner for Best Film (Screening).

Audience Choice for Best Film (in-person votes at screening):

1st Place: OF THE DARK by Scott Belyea
2nd Place: Requiem for a C.H.U.D. by Team Quick Animbus
3rd Place: Full Moon Tonight by Team Borrowtime

Audience Award for Best Film (online votes): THE ABOMINATION OF ADAM by Team Morbid Phlegm

Jury Awards (as selected by jurors Bruce Sweeney, Corey Adams, David Bertrand and Ashley Fester):

Best Film: My Guitar Gently Weeps by Andrew Moxham
Best Script: Father Christmas by team Mega Steakman
Best Acting: Steve Bradley, My Guitar Gently Weeps
Best Death: Just One More by Tyler Funk
Best Cinematography: Fear in the Shadow of Desire by Racehorse Pictures
Best Music / Sound Design: Manuel Gtz, All Saints Dayby Team Aftershock
Best Art Direction: Satan’s Sideshow by Hora Morior Productions
Best Make-up Fx: (Tie for two teams) Full Moon Tonight by Team Borrowtime & Requiem for a C.H.U.D by Stephen Stubbs
Best Use of Prop: You’ve got a friend in Me by Communists in the Funhouse
Most Subversive Use of Genre: Lycan Pride by Team Gray

A note from juror David Bertrand about the Best Film Award Winner “My Guitar Gently Weeps”:

“The one and only film that unwaveringly disturbed or outright offended every audience member in the room, My Guitar Gently Weeps was the indisputable “Best Film” choice for two of the night’s judges and an easy top two choice for all of us.  Led by an unsettling, chilling performance by Steve Bradley as a brain-damaged musician rediscovering his muse in the most hideous of ways, the film was a near-perfect combination of its elements and achieved what it set out to do.  From the equally ambitious performance by Morgan Leaney as the victim, expressing more genuine pain and horror than any other actor in the contest, to the eerily naturalistic energy of the whole piece, the creepy, unassuming camerawork, tight editing, and superb sound design; My Guitar Gently Weeps is  a short and grim story, well told. There were many great thrills, laughs, and shocks among this year’s Bloodshots competitors, but in the end, this film alone spilled from that dark place that only the horror genre can tap into; a convincing expression of pain and degradation, an examination of the darkness within all of us. My Guitar Gently Weeps achieved all these things in a scant 7 minutes, and on top of that managed to deliver one of the most exceptionally bizarre, innovative tactics of torture we’ve seen in any film, ever, yet have it fit entirely within the context of the film.  Not an easy feat. This is a film we won’t forget.”

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