The new BLOODSHOTS CANADA website is finally live at . I have made profiles for you all using the emails you signed up with, and you should have a confirmation email in your inbox to confirm this invitation to have a profile on the site.

What the profile means is that you can login and have a place to embed your film code (from youtube or vimeo) as well as a 200 word synopsis and a thumbnail image. Each video will have an automatic voting button beside it that has various security measures embedded to avoid duplicate voting. THIS MEANS ONLINE VOTING WILL NOW TAKE PLACE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE INSTEAD OF THROUGH THE OLD SYSTEM OF EMAILING ME. It will make it much more convenient for your viewers. And of course if after the contest you decide to remove your video from Youtube/Vimeo it will disappear from the site also.

The website is still kind of under construction, so some features are still being added. IMPORTANT: it is not quite self-explanatory, so note that when you get to your profile page you will see three boxes. The first thin box is for the title of your film. the second biggest box is for your synopsis. The third box is where you paste in your embed code. The image browser allows you to select a picture from your harddrive that will show up as the thumbnail image for your video. Then your film will show up on the ‘films’ page.

I believe you can change your username and password once you are logged in, in case you want to change it to your team name etc.

So for online voting, should you choose to participate in it, this means you still post your video to Youtube or Vimeo as in the past, but instead of sending me the link to embed it, you just login to your profile and add it yourself.

Please do not hesitate to email or phone me (438 885 5363) if you have any questions!

Thanks for your patience as we try to bring Bloodshots Canada to a new level of awesomeness!


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