REGISTRATION FOR BLOODSHOTS CANADA 2011 IS $100.00 (tax included), AND LIMITED TO 25 TEAMS. TO REGISTER, email Kier-La Janisse at and you will be given Paypal instructions for making your payment.

Please have ‘Bloodshots 2011 Registration’ as your subject line, and include in your email your name, preferred email address and phone . This will be put on file so as to keep you updated as the contest gets closer.

Screening Date: The Celluloid Social Club presents the screening, on Thursday Oct. 27th, 2011 at the Rio Theatre. Entry to the screening is $8 and is NOT included in your registration fee! This $8 entrance fee supports the continuing efforts of the Celluloid Social Club, a valued Vancouver institution.

There’s not too many rules, the big one is no production is to begin until after 7:00 PM pacific time on Friday, October 21st, 2011. At the send off, all teams will meet and be randomly given a horror subgenre, prop and line of dialogue that must be used in your film. The point of the challenge is to complete all of the creative process of producing a short film within the 48 hours and hand in your finished film at 7:00PM pacific time on Sunday Oct. 23, 2011.

Anyone can enter the BLOODSHOTS Filmmaking Challenge. There are no age restrictions and entry is open to amateurs and professionals alike. No one helping with the film, however, can be paid.

Kick-off and Drop-off Location:
Kick Off: Teams will meet at 6:30pm on Friday Oct. 21st at the Anza Club (downstairs bar) at 3 W. 8th Ave. There, they will register and be given an envelope containing their randomly-assigned horror subgenre, weapon, prop and line of dialogue. At 7:00pm sharp, they will be told to GO! at which point they can rip open their envelopes and get to work on their masterpiece.
Drop Off: Teams will drop off their finished film on a) a playable DVD and b) a separate DVD containing a .avi or .mov file no later than 7pm on Sunday Oct. 23 at the original BLACK DOG VIDEO at 3451 Cambie St. Your film will be checked in and marked for the time it was handed in.

Film Content:
There are no restrictions to the content of the film except for these 5 basic rules:
1) All films must be between 2 and 7 minutes long, including credits.
2) All films must be some sort of horror film within your subgenre.
3) All films must contain the weapon, line of dialogue and prop that will be assigned on October 21st.
4) The films can contain violence or nudity but for various reasons we cannot allow anything that would be deemed pornography. You may not harm real animals or unwilling people in the making of your video.
5) Films can contain pre-existing music or stock footage if necessary, but this may weigh into the jury process, as they are judging your film partially on originality.

Films that exceed 7 minutes will be disqualified and screened with the late submissions out of competition.

Many teams return to Bloodshots year after year, and run the risk of constantly getting assigned the same subgenre. Participants may exchange their subgenre for another “mystery” subgenre (out of a grab bag) within the first 15 minutes of the contest. However, they can exchange only once – and run the risk of getting an even more difficult subgenre!

You cannot under any circumstances trade subgenres with another team. This is CHEATING and you will be disqualified.

Missing the Time Limit:
Films handed in toBLACK DOG VIDEO after the deadline will still be screened, and will be available for viewing online on this site but will be ineligible for competition and prizes.Voting and Prizes:
See ‘JURY’ Section.

Finished film format:
Completed films must be handed in on a) playable DVD and b) a separate DVD containing an .avi or .mov file . Films must be CLEARLY labelled with your team name and contact person’s name and info. The film itself needs to have a title card with the following info at the beginning (which does not count toward the time limit): Team name, Film title, Subgenre and Weapon. (the ‘prop’ and line of dialogue will be the same for every film) Your DVDs of these films must be handed in by 7pm on Sunday Oct 23rd to qualify for prizes, and late submissions must be received by Tuesday Oct. 25 no later than 4pm at BLACK DOG VIDEO – 3451 Cambie St.

Please note in your end credits:
‘Made for the 2011 Bloodshots Canada 48-Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge produced by Kier-La Janisse and the Celluloid Social Club’

Press Request
On Monday Oct. 24, please send a blurb about your film in the following format to for the Celluloid Social Club’s press release and program: ….
[TITLE] Team name, directed by [director], written by [writer], produced by [producer], DOP [DOP], music by [composer], starring [actor] [credit], [actor] [credit], [actor] [credit] and [actor] [credit]. [number] min., [horror], [2011] – [synopsis – 1-2 sentences] ….

Ownership of the finished film
The filmmakers have the rights to the finished videos. However, BLOODSHOTS CANADA reserves the right to include scenes from videos in future promotional materials.

Help and Further Info
If you have other questions that haven’t been answered on this site, please call Kier-La at 438-885-5363 or email (for email please allow 24 hours for a response). We will do everything we can to help everyone out with all aspects of the competition, but if every filmmaker is looking for advice at 6pm on Sunday Oct. 23, we’re not going to be able to get to all of you before the deadline…..