Scott Belyea’s ‘OF THE DARK’ wins Grand Prize of $1000!

Anyone who was at the Celluloid Social Club last night got the scoop on this early, but Scott Belyea’s audience winner ‘Of The Dark’ – one of the three finalists that was sent along with local jury winner ‘My Guitar Gently Weeps’ and online audience winner  ‘The Abomination of Adam’ – has emerged with top honours from this year’s Grand Prize judge Larry Fessenden.“Of The Dark is a remarkably moody short film with a deep feeling of dread and melancholy. The filmmaking is confident and sharp, paced with precision and care. All the actors are appealing and the makeup and visual effects contribute to the sense of genuine quiet horror. This is not the last we’ll see from Scott Belyea.”- Larry FessendenNov 2011.

Larry Fessenden has been nurturing young horror talent for several years through  the Scare Flix division of his Glass Eye Pix independent production/distribution company (which introduced the world to Ti West, maker of House of The Devil and The Innkeepers, among others) and we knew Bloodshots was a perfect avenue for Larry to get a picture of what the Canadian northwest’s calibre of independent filmmaking is like. Congratulations to all the teams who participated and thank you for seven years of support! It’s been an honour to have seen this little contest appeal to such amazing talent over the years.- Kier-La Janisse

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